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About us

PMSweet designs and creates luxury artisan patisseries for the gourmet catering sector.

It's the story of two passions.

Firstly, that of Michaël Labro, a medical student with a taste for macarons. What started in his kitchen moved on to selling door-to-door, and grew into a list of famous clients and new partnerships. He thought it was a shame that macarons were limited to sweet flavours, when a savoury macaron is such an excellent way of awakening and astonishing the taste buds. And so his audacity in combining sweet and savoury tastes was born.

Add to that, Philippe Lhoest, an expert in fine dining and the food industry, who has been an enthusiastic supporter and mentor of his young associate and has grown sales to national and then international levels.

The combination of these two food-loving and innovative entrepreneurs has made their dreams a reality, and today satisfies the demands of the most prestigious brands.

PMSweet guarantees

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    All our products are developed and traditionally crafted at our company headquarters in Liege, Belgium.

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    The high quality of our raw materials is essential to us, and we believe in our suppliers. We know the sources of all our ingredients, meaning we can guarantee their 100% natural origin, including colourings, without additives or preservatives. We use high-quality raw materials: Bourbon vanilla, Valrhona chocolate and fresh seasonal fruit.

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    PMSweet has been COMEOS certified since 2015. Link to certification.

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    We make a point of creating refined and delicious products, limiting the sugar content to find the perfect balance between the shell and the ganache cream centre.

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    Our inventive and creative team is open to your ideas: from flavour combinations to range of colours, we are ready to work with you however we can.

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    Exceptional sweet and savoury macarons

    Our macarons combine a crispy shell made from almonds and meringue, with a rich ganache cream which melts in your mouth.

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    12, 15 AND 20 GRAM MACARONS

    We have a range of macarons in different sizes, so you can always find the right product for your sector, for your use and for your clients' tastes.

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    Personalised macarons

    Macarons in your client's or your company's colours, with or without a logo. A presentation which matches your or their style.

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    Thanks to our logistics partners, we can deliver how and where you want (DDP or CFR), regularly, with no minimum order and at a low logistics cost.

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    We care about satisfying every one of our clients. And every one of yours.

Our team

Michaël Labro

Logically, with his medical background, he is responsible for quality, R&D and buying. Founder of the M&A MACARONS brand, he also keeps PMSweet supplied with delicious and trend-setting ideas.

Philippe Lhoest

Having managed international food company Frianda for nearly 30 years, the co-director of PMSweet applies his own practical ideas with rigour and passion, as well as those of his associate (and he is brimming over with ideas).

Patricia Bourmanne

In charge of accounts and administrative management at PMSweet, she can answer all your questions on +32 (0)473 60 62 21.

Yannick Delnooz

In charge of marketing at PMSweet, he will analyse your requirements and design made-to-measure offers.

Our strengths


    We will always find the right product and format for you, and we are ready to work creatively with you in any way we can. We can even offer our products under private branding.


    By offering fresh and frozen products, we enable you to keep pace with customer demand.


    We can deliver quickly anywhere in the world, thanks to our local representatives and logistics partners, who share the same drive for excellence.



Mercotte, a food critic, blogger and French gastronome:

"I feel like I've watched Michaël grow up. This guy is clever. Why haven't I ever seen him on the TV programme Meilleur Pâtissier (Bake-off)? Probably because he was already working… Fortunately, he took the time to come and see me in Paris where we were able to meet and get to know each other. He is constantly reworking his recipes, he's evolving all the time, and he has good people around him. I hope he remembers me from time to time. God Speed, Michaël, I hope it all goes well for you!" Paris, on 20 June 2015